Simply The Best Team in KC

"The team of BJ Ersery and David Nichols is outstanding! By far and away the best service I've personally had with buying/selling + any experience I had with realtors in general when I was a mortgage broker.
BJ took care of everything - and I mean EVERYTHING! It was stress-free, easy, he communicated at every step of the way and then suddenly boom! my house sold!
I cannot recommend BJ and this team enough. If you want it done right, the first time with little-to-no stress here's your new real estate agent!"

- M Thomas, Kansas City, MO

So Glad I picked Him!

"BJ was the only realtor we found that was willing to talk to us almost 6 months before we were ready to sell. He gave us pointers and suggestions on getting our house ready for the sell. BJ was very helpful in explaining the ins and outs of selling our home. He was able to walk us through the process and was patient with explanations (sometimes explaining more than once!). He always responded to inquiries in a very timely manner. His packet for pre-selling a house has great ideas that I wish I had followed better."

- D Priest, Independence, MO

                                                              Highly Recommend                         

William (BJ) Ersery is the abolute best real estate agent with whom I have ever worked with. He is not just interested in helping you buy or sell a home, which he has done both for us, but he is interested in making sure the house you buy is the right home for you and your family, The sale does not end the relationship with BJ. He has not only become a friend, but we consider him to be a member of our family. He never forgets birthdays and there is always a Christmas card at Christmas time. My wife and I will ALWAYS recommend BJ to anybody that we hear is moving to the Kansas City area!

- hgeetarplayer
- Independence MO 
- Sold 7/2020